Receive high-quality, evidence-based orthopaedic care with Dr Yas Edirisinghe at Ortho Precision.

Dr Edirisinghe understands the complex nature of orthopaedic trauma cases, and employs patient-centred approaches and the latest technologies for optimal results.

Dr Edirisinghe provides treatment for many types of orthopaedic trauma, including the following:

  • Fractures of both upper and lower limb
  • Delayed union of fractures/malunion of fractures
  • Reconstruction for osteomyelitis and infection

Individuals experiencing orthopaedic trauma should request a referral to Dr Yas Edirisinghe for effective care. To gain a deep understanding of your condition, Dr Edirisinghe will conduct a physical examination, discuss your medical history, and order any additional tests at your initial consultation. Through tailored surgical approaches and orthopaedic innovation, Dr Edirisinghe facilitates better quality of life, reduced pain, and optimised recovery.

Advanced, patient-centred technology for better outcomes.

Contact us via the contact page or chatbot available across our website and Dr Yas will respond promptly.