Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation

Modern Techniques For Better Patient Care

Technology and digital innovation are key to Dr Edirisinghe’s orthopaedic approach. With comprehensive technological training and a strong commitment to personalised precision technology, digital solutions, and AI innovations, Dr Edirisinghe revolutionises patient care.

He utilises cutting-edge technology to meet unique needs, increase precision, minimise invasiveness, increase effectiveness, inform rehabilitation, and improve patient outcomes.

A Person-Centred Approach to Technology

Dr Edirisinghe tailors technological treatment approaches to the unique needs of each patient. By choosing specialised technology suited to each patient’s anatomy, condition, and goals, he achieves outcomes that align with their aspirations and lifestyles. This customised approach results in higher patient satisfaction and quicker recovery.

Technological Approaches to Joint Replacement

Dr Edirisinghe incorporates contemporary surgical technology to ensure precision and minimise invasiveness during orthopaedic joint replacement surgeries. Specialised technology enhances recovery and increases the functionality and longevity of the replacement.

Continuous Care Throughout Rehabilitation

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Wearable Technology and Digital Platforms

Dr Edirisinghe’s dedication to patient care extends beyond the operating room. He offers wearable technology and digital innovations to establish an outstanding continuum of care. Dr Edirisinghe provides patients with wearable technology, tools and information for successful rehabilitation. The information provided includes self-directed rehabilitation exercises, individualised education, and online communication with Dr Edirisinghe and other healthcare providers.

Wearable technology records pre-rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation information, tracks exercises, and monitors walking speeds and step counts. Through this integrated approach, Dr Edirisinghe remains an integral part of his patients’ rehabilitation journeys, providing informed guidance and support every step of the way.

Wearable technology is especially beneficial for patients undergoing joint replacement surgery.

Accessible Communication

Through the use of a chat page connected to a QR code, Dr Edirisinghe streamlines communication with patients. This innovation allows patients to send messages directly, fostering an accessible and efficient line of communication for any concerns or queries throughout the recovery process.

Dr Yas Edirisinghe’s integration of technology and innovation allows his patients to receive high-quality personalised care throughout their journey to recovery.

Advanced, patient-centred technology for better outcomes.

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